Who we are




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Graduated Ph.D.

Graduated M.S.

  • Dipendra Jha (M.S., 2015) - Ph.D. student at Northwestern
  • Ahalya Srinivasan (M.S., 2014) - At Qualcomm
  • Yiyang Yang (M.S., 2014)
  • Byungjin Jun (M.S., 2014) - At the Korea Military Academy
  • Ruba Merza (M.S., 2013)
  • Ketaki Joshi (M.S., 2013) - At Yahoo
  • Ted Stein (M.S., 2013) - At Amazon
  • William Ng (M.S., 2012) - At Motorola
  • Balasaheb Bagul (M.S., 2012) - At Nokia
  • Wei-Chih Lai (M.S., 2012)
  • Soyannwo Olusanya (M.S., 2009) - At Lab126
  • Xian Yi Teng (B.S./M.S., 2008)
  • Yi Qiao (M.S., 2005)

Some of the Great Undergrads Who Have Worked With Us

Angela Jiang (Ph.D. student at CMU), Alex Yi (Ph.D. at UIUC), Aaron Beach (Ph.D. from UCol), Bob Adolf (Ph.D. at Harvard), Zach Bischof (Ph.D. at Northwestern), Nikola P. Borisov (Startup; 50 for the Future by Illinois Tech Foundation), Brian Cornell (at Google), Geet Dugal (Ph.D. at CMU), Eugenia Grabrielova (Ph.D. at UCI), Aaron Johnson (Ph.D. from Yale), Ryan Letcher (MSR), J. Scott Miller, Taylor Rack, John Rula (Ph.D. at Northwestern), Ted Stein (M.S. from Northwestern/Amazon), John Otto (Ph.D. at Northwestern), Xian Yi Teng, ...

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