Getting Started With NUPastry

You have multiple options how to incorporate NUPastry into your project. Here at the Aqualab, we use Maven and Eclipse to maintain and build our Java projects.

In any case, you need a Java runtime environment to run and a Java Development Kit to build applications based on Nemo. You can download the latest Java version from Sun. Nemo and its dependencies are tested with the latest Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 (JDK 5.0).

Getting Started With Maven

After downloading Maven 2, setup a new maven project using the following pom.xml. Please refer to the documentation of Maven for how to configure a project. If you start with the template below, just replace the fields with your project information.

<project xmlns=""
        <name>Your Project Name</name>
                <name>Your Organization</name>
                        <name>The GNU General Public License, Version 2.0</name>
                        <name>Your Name</name>
                        <email>Your email address</email>
                        <organization>Your organization</organization>

Once you got the pom.xml setup, simple invoke maven from the command line inside the project directory. It will then automatically fetch all the dependencies for your projects.

Using Eclipse

Using a graphical development environment offers a number of advantages. Consequently, maven supports several of them. To generate the project descriptor for Eclipse, simply type:

 mvn eclipse:eclipse

Building Your First NUPastry-based Application

... TODO ...