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9.30AM Welcome
09:40AM-11:00AM Session I: Monitoring, Modeling, and Benchmarking Autonomic Systems
09.40AM-10.00AM Achieving Automatic Performance Modelling of Black Boxes for Self-sizing
Ahmed Harbaoui (Orange Labs, LIG MESCAL Project, France), Nabila Salmi (Orange Labs, France), Bruno Dillenseger (Orange Labs, France), and Jean-Marc Vincent (LIG MESCAL Project, France)
10.00AM-10.20AM Incremental Budget-Constrained System Modeling and Tracking
Mohammad A. Munawar, Miao Jiang, and Paul A.S. Ward (University of Waterloo, Canada)
10.20AM-10.40AM Energy Management: the challenges of self-managing virtual organisations
Martijn Warnier and Frances Brazier (VU University, Amsterdam)
10.40AM-11.00AM A Theoretical Policy-based System for Autonomic Computing
Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Gregorio Martinez Perez, and Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta (University of Murcia, Spain)
11.00AM-11.30AM Break
11.30AM-1.00PM KephartKeynote Address
From Autonomic Components to Autonomic Systems
Jeff Kephart, IBM Research

Abstract: The original vision of autonomic computing called for the development of large-scale autonomic computing systems that would manage themselves in accordance with high-level objectives specified by human administrators. During the last half-dozen years, thousands of autonomic computing research papers have been published by academic and industry researchers, but most of the attention has been devoted to smaller-scale autonomic components. The purpose of my talk is to call attention to the need for the autonomic computing research community to place a greater emphasis on the holistic vision of autonomic computing, which requires us to tackle the problem of coordinating the actions of multiple autonomic components into a coherent whole that achieves system-wide objectives. I believe that such research can be encouraged by building real large-scale environments that can be shared across research organizations, in which multiple autonomic components can interact, and by developing a set of realistic workloads that can be applied to them. I will try to engage the HotAC audience in a discussion of how we can build such a cross-organizational autonomic computing research platform.

1.00PM-2.30PM Lunch
2.30PM-3.30PM Panel on Conducting Live Experiments in Production Systems
Shivnath Babu, Duke University
Rean Griffith, University of California, Berkeley
Jeff Kephart, IBM Research
Brent Miller, IBM
Mike Nunez, Sun Microsystems
Manish Parashar, Rutgers University
3.30PM-3.50PM Break
3.50PM-4.30PM Session II: Autonomic Computing meets Cloud Computing
3.50PM-4.10PM Towards Autonomic Provisioning for Enterprise Data Centers and Clouds
Nathan Gnansambandam, Manish Parashar, Andres Quiroz, Hyunjoo Kim, and Naveen Sharma (University of Rutgers, USA)
4.10PM-4.30PM Automated Control in Cloud Computing: Challenges and Opportunities
Harold Lim (Duke University, USA)
4.30PM Big Ideas session and wrap up
Free-form discussion session to talk about visionary research, pet peeves, gripes, desirable features and other things on experimentation in autonomic computing. This session will be informed by everything that was talked about before.
Fabián E. Bustamante
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