EECS-343 - Lecture Notes

(Office 97-2003 and PDF format)

  1. Introduction [pps] [pdf]
  2. OS Concepts and Structure [pps] [pdf]
  3. Processes [pps] [pdf]
  4. Threads [pps] [pdf]
  5. Scheduling [pps] [pdf]
  6. IPC & Synchronization [pps] [pdf]
  7. Deadlocks [pps] [pdf]
  8. Memory Management [pps] [pdf]
  9. Virtual Memory [pps] [pdf]
  10. Virtual Memory Design & Implementation [pps] [pdf]
  11. File Systems Interface [pps] [pdf]
  12. File Systems Implementation [pps] [pdf]
  13. I/O [pps] [pdf]
  14. Protection & Security [pps] [pdf]
  15. Research in OS [pps] [pdf]
    Paper: Lin Gu and John A. Stankovic, t-kernel: Providing Reliable OS Support to Wireless Sensor Networks,
    ACM SenSys, 2006 (Best paper award).

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